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How Long Does DistroKid Take to Upload? An In-Depth Guide

How Long Does DistroKid Take to Upload?  An In-Depth Guide

Navigating the music upload process can be nerve-wracking for artists eager to get their tracks into the world.

This guide explores a crucial question: "How long does DistroKid take to upload?"

By understanding the typical timelines and the factors that can affect them, you'll be better equipped to plan your music releases efficiently and tackle potential delays before they impact your launch schedule.

Navigating DistroKid’s Upload Timeline

Typical Upload Times Across Platforms

Understanding DistroKid's Service Model

DistroKid is a favorite among independent artists for distributing music across major platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon.

It offers a quick, efficient service model, but the upload times can vary depending on several variables that we will dissect below.

Typical Upload Times Across Platforms

  • Spotify: Usually 2-5 days.

  • Apple Music: Can take up to a week.

  • Amazon Music: Often live within 48 hours.

Factors That Influence DistroKid Upload Times

Factors That Influence DistroKid Upload Times

This image is from my Distrokid dashboard. See the date? I uploaded this track today and I set the release date to same day just to see how long they actually take to release the track across platforms.

How Long Does DistroKid Take to Upload?

Platform Differences

Each streaming service has its own processing time, which can affect how quickly your music goes live.

Knowing these differences can help you manage release expectations.

Content Specifics

  • Original Tracks vs. Cover Songs: Original tracks tend to be processed faster than cover songs, which may need additional clearance.

  • Quality of Submissions: Ensuring high-resolution artwork and accurate metadata can prevent delays caused by the need for manual corrections.

Strategic Timing
  • Best Times to Upload: Submitting your tracks early in the week can avoid end-of-week logjams, potentially speeding up the process.

Optimizing Your Upload Experience with DistroKid

Preparation is Key

Thoroughly preparing every aspect of your track—from its metadata to its artwork—can mitigate delays.

Ensure everything is in order before you hit upload.

React Quickly to Issues

Stay vigilant after submitting your music.

If DistroKid flags an issue, addressing it promptly can prevent prolonged delays. They will more than likely send you an email with updates after you submit your track for release such as this email.

React Quickly to Issues   Stay vigilant after submitting your music.

Leverage DistroKid’s Resources

DistroKid provides detailed guidelines and support resources. Familiarizing yourself with these can help streamline your upload process.


Understanding the intricacies of DistroKid's upload times is crucial for any artist planning to release music.

With this guide, you're now better prepared to navigate these waters smoothly.

By aligning your upload strategy with these insights, you can minimize delays and ensure your music reaches your audience as planned.

Gear up for your next release! Apply these tips to streamline your uploading process and achieve a successful music launch with DistroKid.

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